Let me eat cake

I know, I know, the phrase has all kinds of political connotations and is a mis-translation anyway but frankly French cake is so amazing that I believe the revolting peasants would have definitely chosen to eat it instead of bread if they could.

I’ve been systematically trying each type of patisserie deliciousness and so far my favourite has to be the macaron – I’ve only had pistachio flavour but I’m going to try coffee next.

Today, however, I had this:

It was quite nice, but a bit rich and gooey for me (I’m recovering from stomach flu, which has rather put the kibosh on the whole eating thing). It might have been nicer if I had eaten it yesterday when I bought it, but that is when I started feeling really ill.

Thursday seems like my day for buying lunch at the local bakery so expect lots of gorgeous cakes and a regular repeat of my favourite sandwich.

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