A New Start

It has been a very long time since I last updated this blog, and lots of things have been happening. The main one is that I am a matter of hours away from moving back to England, so I am currently procrastinating from packing by looking at crockpot recipes on the internet.

Being in France has opened my eyes to a lot of cooking and a lot of new recipes – from watching the housekeeper create amazing food out of vegetables, pasta, olive oil and salt, to taking an incredible cookery lesson which focused on selecting and using fresh local produce, to cooking with a friend who really enjoys it. I’ve now got five months back with my parents before I move into my own home, and I intend to use that time to teach myself to cook properly!

So, this blog will branch out a bit and no longer be about lunches (which never really interested me very much anyway). Once I’ve located my camera charger I will start to document my journey towards cuisinary competence, and I hope we’ll get there sooner rather than later!

My first step has been to locate a rice cooker/crockpot/steamer/porridge maker which I will buy as soon as I can justify the cost – hopefully that will be soon.

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