Meal Planning Monday – 15th April

It’s the last full week of the Easter vacation, finally! I am falling apart without any kind of structure to my days here – today I woke up at 12.35pm having stayed up late writing my dissertation. I go away for the weekend on Friday morning so I only have a few days to plan for.

Meal Planning Monday

Today – vegetarian chili. I found this hidden in the freezer. I made it in January!
Tuesday – dinner with my friends from chapel; I’ll be making a fruit crumble.
Wednesday – tortilla spinach pie with scalloped potatoes.
Thursday – mushroom and pea risotto.
Friday-Sunday lunch I’ll be away.
On Sunday evening I’ll finish up any leftovers.

For dessert I have most of a chocolate cola cake which I spontaneously made on the evening of the cookathon, and any fruit crumble that doesn’t get eaten (I highly doubt there will be any left though!).

4 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday – 15th April

    • It is nice! Only a slight cola taste, but it’s there, and the cake is very moist. I used the BBC recipe but managed to forget to add the milk. It was very liquidy anyway and I was a bit concerned I’d done something wrong, but it turned out perfectly. Hope you enjoy it! (I’ve reposted this comment because it went weird, don’t be confused if you’ve seen it already!)

    • I often find non-vegetarian recipe blogs are good inspiration, so it works both ways! Thanks for visiting šŸ™‚ Your meal plan for this week reminded me to look out my recipe for vegetarian carbonara, nom nom nom.

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