Plans for National Vegetarian Week

National Vegetarian Week 2013  runs from May 20th to 26th. Two years ago I marked the week on this blog by posting one of my favourite recipes each day. They weren’t particularly exciting or inspiring recipes but I enjoyed the process.

This year I’d like to do something similar, except that I want to try new recipes. I have to admit straight away that I fully intend to cheat. My finals begin on May 29th and I will not be spending every evening the week before in the kitchen. Instead I’m hoping to cook one or two things each week until then, and report back during the official week.

I’ve put out some feelers to a friend about possibly collaborating for another vegan dinner party, although hopefully this time a slightly more successful one. I’m planning on using the Vegetarian Society’s Surprisingly Simple recipes, of which there are conveniently seven. They do indeed look surprisingly simple – the only one which requires more than fifteen minutes’ preparation time is the delicous-looking vegan cookie pie, and considering that it yields twelve portions I think it is a fair investment. The majority are five or ten minutes, which in my world usually means fifteen or twenty: still not a long time to spend cooking dinner!

It will, however, mean buying a new bag of plain flour despite my intentions to use up and not restock until August, unless my friend agrees to collaborate and supplies the flour of course! Otherwise most of the ingredients are things I either have already, or would easily use. A good way to get some new recipes into my repertoire, and perhaps a good way for intrepid readers to take their first steps in the world of vegan cooking!

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