Meal Planning Monday – May 13th 2013

Meal Planning Monday

This week I’m getting started on my new recipes challenge for National Vegetarian Week, so I’ve popped a couple of those into the plan. Planning lunch didn’t really do a lot of good last week; it was useful to have a reminder of all the different things I had, but I didn’t feel like sticking to the schedule.

Lunch options: English muffins, omelette, soup in a cup, mixed salad, cous cous, pasta bake

Monday – Eggs, beans and chips

Tuesday – Spinach tortilla pie

Wednesday – Quorn cheese and broccoli escalope with potatoes and seasonal green veg

Thursday – Pasta bake with side salad

Friday – Jerry’s Curry

Saturday – Gail’s Butter Bean Pie

2 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday – May 13th 2013

    • Thanks! I’ll report back on how it goes (during NVW of course). I am planning a couple of tweaks based on what I’ve already got in the cupboards, but I’m excited to try a new curry recipe 🙂

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