Mindful Eating

Mindfulness isn’t something I’m very good at. Mindful eating? Forget about it! I use meal times as a break from studying, but that means I always want to be doing something else at the same time – checking my email, catching up on blogs, reading a book or watching a TV show. More often than not I eat at my desk, fast enough to get indigestion.

Today I made an effort not just to eat more slowly and enjoyably, but to make my meal more appetising. I went food shopping this afternoon and was delighted to see the supermarket was stocking British asparagus and strawberries (I was not quite as delighted that my favourite market stall has stopped selling vegetables for the summer, an annual milestone I’ve never quite understood). Asparagus quickly stepped into the “something green and leafy” spot on my shopping list, and strawberries hopped in as a delicious addition.

Tonight’s meal wasn’t fancy, and it centred around a fairly processed item, but it was delicious!

Quorn escalope with asparagus, boiled potatoes and tomato ketchup

Colourful – no beige food here!

I tried to eat at least a few bites of each item in a mindful way, concentrating on its taste and feel in my mouth. I think I might have overcooked the asparagus a little; it was by no means soggy but it didn’t have the crisp bite that I enjoy. The potatoes were cooked perfectly but nothing beats boiled new potatoes – as soon as I have used the one remaining wrinkly baking potato that is lurking in my cupboard I shall buy some!

After finishing the main course I indulged myself in a small bowl of strawberries and cream. The weather today has been all over the place: tumultuous winds, grey miserable skies, pelting rainshowers and then sudden unexpected patches of brilliant sunshine. By some chance I was eating during a sunshine patch, and I looked out of my window at the ducks on the lawn as I ate. It was so strange to think, as I pondered blue skies and ate the quintessentially summery dish of strawberries and cream, that parts of the UK have had snow today! A sad reminder that the weather is no longer dependable, if it ever was, and that summer isn’t quite here yet.

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