Menu Planning Monday 20th May 2013

Well, Monday is close to over but I’ve just got in on time!

Meal Planning Monday

This week, as regular readers can’t help but be aware, is National Vegetarian Week and I’ve set myself a challenge to try out and blog about a new recipe each day. I have cheated a little, in that I cooked one of the recipes last week (the plan was to make two things last week, but I didn’t feel like cooking on Saturday so shifted things around a little), and four of them will be cooked on the same day, but it’s still got me cooking!

Monday – Jerry’s Curry, carried over from last week. The recipe will be up tomorrow, but here’s a spoiler: it was amazing.

Tuesday – tomato soup. It is hard to believe that I have never made tomato soup before, but there we have it! This will be Wednesday’s post. I was trying to think of what on earth I could make that was new to me, and didn’t require any ingredients I don’t already have. The inspiration, oddly enough, was the small amount of single cream sitting in the fridge. Thanks to the cream, this won’t be vegan (unless the cream’s gone off, I guess).

Wednesday – vegan dinner party! The menu has been decided: two types of salad (one with red peppers, one with pine nuts. The guests include one person with a pepper allergy, one with a nut allergy, so we thought we’d cater for both!), vegan spinach and asparagus cannelloni, and rhubarb filo roll. I’m very glad to have a friend who has far more cooking experience than me helping out, because it sounds quite elaborate.

Thursday – Quorn, leek and mushroom pie with spinach and new potatoes (I’m hoping to have some left-over veg after Wednesday’s dinner).

Friday – spinach and mushroom lasagne

Saturday – pea and mushroom omlette, plus whatever other vegetables I have around.

Next week, I’m planning a no-shopping week. I have exams on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so I’ll pull most meals out of the freezer, and I’ve got enough bread, milk and cereal to last (I hope).

After exams are over, I am planning on taking part in the Live Below The Line challenge. I’m sure everyone has already heard of this but the challenge is to live on £1 per day for five days, with the total budget of £5 covering the full packets of food (so you can’t simply buy a £2 bag of pasta but claim to only have used 5p worth).

The challenge ends on June 30th and for a few horrible minutes I didn’t think that I had five consecutive days on which I was not attending a ball, a wedding, a garden party or some other form of decidedly-more-than-£1-a-day meal. I have managed to find five days, from June 23rd – 27th, sandwiched between a friend’s wedding and my graduation dinner. Realising just how much money will be spent on feeding me next month made me twice as determined to participate, and also made me feel slightly guilty.

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