National Vegetarian Week 2013 – Jerry’s Curry

Happy National Vegetarian Week! This year I’m setting myself the challenge of cooking seven new recipes, with a particular focus on vegan dishes. Each day I will post a photo, a summary of the recipe and my verdict on whether the meal will make its way into my repertoire.

Jerry's Curry with potatoes, tomatoes, peas and mushrooms

Colourful and delicious!

Today’s recipe is Jerry’s Curry, also from the Vegetarian Society’s Surprisingly Simple recipes, although I tweaked it – I didn’t feel that it had enough vegetables, so I doubled the quantity of peas and added about 100g of mushrooms, and some cherry tomatoes which were sitting in my fridge about to go out of date. However, I didn’t add any tomato puree, apple or spinach, because I didn’t have any. Oddly the photo on the recipe page shows tomatoes (or pepper) and red onion, which weren’t included in the list of ingredients. I took this as a sign that I should adapt to suit my tastes – which indeed should be a line included on every recipe.

Oh, my goodness. This curry was amazing. It was not only the best curry I have ever made, I think it might well be the best curry I have ever eaten. I’ll caveat that with the warning that I have only eaten curry a few times (and that my tastes are quite inauthentic and mild), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try this recipe if you like your curry hot – just add spice as you see fit. My curry powder is out of date, which might well have impacted the strength of the flavour too.

The cooking process took me longer than the recipe said, which I was expecting. In total I spent almost an hour in the kitchen, which isn’t too bad. Thanks to the “intelligent” design of my uni halls kitchen, I had to get up every seven minutes to press a button to stop the stove turning itself off, so I just took along a magazine to read while the curry simmered.

I’ll definitely be making this again, probably with more or different vegetables and some more spice – I have some chilli powder or some paprika which might add a bit of a zing. Next time I’ll serve it with rice, but I used up the last of my rice a few weeks ago. I also forgot until I’d already started eating that I had some poppadums in the cupboard; they would have been a nice side but never mind.

One last point to note – this recipe is vegan, but my execution of it turned out not to be, as I discovered that the Bouillon powder I used for vegetable stock contains lactose. If you have another type of vegetable stock, then it would be vegan. Once this tub is used up I shall get some vegan stock powder, because it is silly to ruin a vegan recipe with something so minor!

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