National Vegetarian Week 2013 – Mediterranean Salad

Happy National Vegetarian Week! This year I’m setting myself the challenge of cooking seven new recipes, with a particular focus on vegan dishes. Each day I will post a photo, a summary of the recipe and my verdict on whether the meal will make its way into my repertoire.

Part Greek, part Italian, all delicious

Part Greek, part Italian, all delicious

I have a confession to make: I didn’t bother checking the name of the cookbook from which the recipe that inspired this salad came. However, we veered so far away from the instructions that I’m not sure it really constitutes the same dish any more.

It is a very simple salad – courgette slices lightly fried, tomato slices, black olives and cubes of avocado. I didn’t take a photo of the pesto which Heidi made to go with this dish, as we kept it separate due to a guest’s nut allergy. In my view, the pesto was better suited to the Hearty Salad anyway!

I’m not really sure, in view of the courgette-frying, that this really is a salad so much as a vegetable dish, but it was a nice supporting note. The pesto was incredibly garlicy, as it was accidentally mixed in with the Hearty Salad dressing, with the result that it contained double the quantity of crushed garlic we had intended. It was very nice, though, and none of the guests need worry about vampire attack.

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