National Vegetarian Week 2013 – Wrap-Up

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Well, it’s the end of National Vegetarian Week and I didn’t quite manage to meet my goal of posting seven new recipes, due to the utterly useless photos I took of the dessert from Wednesday’s dinner party. However, I think it has been a very useful exercise for me. I’ve been introduced to new ingredients: artichokes, silken tofu, bok choi. I’ve discovered that vegan cooking doesn’t have to involve a long list of things I’ve never heard of (the biggest thing that has put me off from trying out the vegan recipes I’ve come across in the past). And I’ve started to think about trying some more vegan food once I’ve got past exams, moving house, my summer job, and a project which I will be announcing tomorrow.

Already on my list of things to try are two vegan feta recipes, courgette pasta, dairy-free cheddar and vegan cheese and spinach pie. I’d also like to find ways to adapt my favourite recipes: some of them are already vegan, some could easily be if I avoided using butter as a cooking fat or used soya mince instead of Quorn, and some just need a bit of lateral thinking.

I don’t plan on becoming vegan, or at least not at once. For a start, it would make it more complicated for my parents when I went to visit. My entire family is vegetarian, other than my stepdad but he eats meat very rarely and selectively, but my mum and stepdad keep chickens and my dad and his partner are about to start keeping bees. I would rather eat home-collected eggs or honey than soya or agave syrup shipped from half way round the world.

In August, I’m hoping to attend a vegan cookery course. I haven’t yet heard back about whether or not I’ve got a place (they are, by all accounts, much in demand) but I am keeping my fingers crossed. For me, familiarity is the only thing that stops new ideas from being scary. The more times I realise that vegan cooking isn’t terrifying, the more likely I am to reduce and potentially ultimately eliminate animal products from my diet.

I know there are several vegans who have stumbled across my blog of late. Welcome! Do you have any simple vegan recipes you’d like to recommend?

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