Meal Planning Monday – June 3rd 2013


If you feel like you’ve read this post before, you probably have – I got myself in a muddle and posted it on my other blog by mistake! Meal Planning Monday
This week and next week present something of a conundrum, meal-planning-wise. On Saturday I am heading off to collect the keys for my new flat and spend a couple of nights there, but since I will still need most of my stuff here for the next month, I won’t be taking a lot in the way of food or utensils with me. The flat doesn’t yet have a microwave (it’s the absolute top of my list of essentials, I don’t think I can function without a way to easily reheat leftovers) and I don’t want to buy anything perishable that would require refridgeration or need to be brought back with me on the train. So I’ve been carefully collecting mini packets of things (jam, Marmite, porridge – although that will need a microwave) and planning what I can take and leave, and what I can buy and store there.

The rest of the week was fairly straightforward though. I just opened the freezer, looked at what I had, and realised that I’ll be eating pie and mac & cheese every week until I leave, and possibly twice a week. No problem in my book!

Saturday and Sunday’s meals are planned around the idea that pasta and rice can both be easily stored in the flat until I go back, and I can spare a casserole dish. I need a new saucepan anyway, after burning out the bottom of my largest pan, so I shall simply buy one and leave that there too.


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