Live Below the Line – Day Two

Today has been a little more varied than yesterday, although still fairly bread-based. For breakfast I had two slices of bread with a slightly less lavish quantity of marmalade than I had for lunch yesterday – I’m not concerned about running out, but it felt excessive. Breakfast cost: 9p.

Spaghetti with tinned vegetables

Spaghetti with tinned vegetables

Lunch was a two-part special due to choir commitments, so I first had a boiled egg to tide me over, and then cooked a surprisingly delicious pasta sauce using 1/4 tin of carrots, 1/4 tin of chopped tomatoes, 1/4 tin of peas and 1/4 tin of kidney beans, plus 1/4 of an onion diced very small, all served over 125g of spaghetti. I wasn’t expecting it to taste very good, because I had no oil to fry the onion in and nothing to add flavour, but it was actually excellent. It’s certainly true that hunger is the best sauce, at any rate. I rounded it off with another fromage frais. Lunch cost: 46p. As ever, please forgive the fuzzy photo!

I’m about to leave for another choir commitment so I’ll be taking marmalade sandwiches (two slices of bread and approximately 10g of marmalade, 9p). I considered boiling another egg to take with me, which would have edged the total cost to £1 – bearing in mind that I have rounded up the cost of anything that divided to .5p or over – but I don’t have time now, and I’ll just have to manage. I wouldn’t exactly say I’m hungry, but I don’t feel completely full. I’ll fill my water bottle and resist the temptation of other people’s snacks. A couple of my friends have offered me slurps of their cup of tea or crisps from their mid-rehearsal snack but it doesn’t really feel like it’s in the spirit of the challenge to accept.

Total day’s meals cost: 64p.

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