Live Below the Line – Day Three

I had a bit of a mental blip today and was very close to going over the £1 budget. However, once again factoring in the 0.25 and 0.5p rounding up I’ve done on some calculations, I’ve just managed it. I had cooked a sausage casserole (peas, carrots, beans, 1/4 of the tin of tomatoes, 1/2 the potatoes and four sausages) intending it to last for two meals. But I was hungry and it was delicious, and I ate all of it. And then I added up the costs and realised I was a hair’s breadth away from being over budget for today. Dinner will definitely be bread and marmalade only!


Breakfast: two slices of toast with a thin layer of marmalade – 9p

Lunch: sausage casserole with four sausages (50p), 1/2 tin of potatoes 8p, 1/4 tin of carrots 5p, 1/4 of peas 4p, 1/4 beans 5p, 1/4 chopped tomatoes just under 4p, water to thin it out a bit, followed by a fromage frais. Total cost: 83p!

Dinner: marmalade sandwiches with two slices of bread and a thin layer of marmalade to stay within budget (10g of marmalade is 0.6p) – just under 9p.

Total cost for day: £1, give or take 0.5p. I have to say, this challenge is harder than I expected. But it’s also shown me that I eat far more than I need to on a normal day. The only time I’ve felt hungry was just before midnight last night, when I got home from walking back from the train station and had a slice of toast with marmalade (bringing yesterday’s updated total to 69p – the fact that I had such a lot of margin left probably explains why I was hungry).

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