Not Going on the Vegan Venture Course

I received a slightly disappointing email today. I had not heard anything from the Vegetarian Society about my application to attend Cordon Vert’s Vegan Venture course, which is open to people aged 16-25 and funded by the charity, so I emailed the Grants Secretary to find out when I would hear. Apparently she had attempted to email me before, and unfortunately although I’ve been approved for the grant, there are no spaces left on this year’s course.

It’s not all bad news though, because I will be top of the list for next year’s course, and it’s still possible that someone might drop out this year. I’m sad because I had hoped that this summer would be my Summer of Veganism, but I will nonetheless be trying out new recipes, cooking up a storm and making some changes to my regular diet. I’ve already begun selecting recipes I want to try out, mostly from Poppy’s Patisserie and A Girl Called Jack, which will be a lot of fun.

At the moment I’m doing no cooking at all. Breakfast and dinner are not only provided but compulsory parts of my job (as they are a good way for students to find me each day if they have queries or problems), and on the whole they’re pretty good. For lunch we’re left to our own devices, so I have bought a large mug and several different just-add-hot-water instant meals (pasta Mug Shots, flavoured cous cous, soup sachets) since the only “cooking equipment” I have access to is a kettle. It’s not the most exciting cuisine but I spent under £20 on four weeks’ lunches as opposed to £6 a day if I went to the nearby cafe. It is making me even more keen to get back into my kitchen and cook for myself though.

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