Vegetable Risotto with Chickpeas

Although the food I’m eating this month is pretty consistently good, I’ve not come across anything particularly exciting. Until last night, when I dithered between the creamy pasta, the vegetarian hot pot and the vegetable risotto before finally plumping for the latter. It had chickpeas in it! I’d never even considered adding chickpeas to a risotto but it was so good. I’m adding it to my list of recipes to try (although I’ll have to improvise, since I have no idea how it was cooked or indeed what else was in it) and making a mental note to do more with chickpeas.

I’m considering re-introducing the In the Spotlight series which I started many moons ago and ditched out of boredom. Perhaps chickpeas will be one of the first stars! Just a couple more weeks before I’m back in my own kitchen cooking up a storm.

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