Macaroni Peas

I’m starting to slowly adjust to the idea that I now 100% live in my own flat. When I arrived here on Saturday night, my heart sank when I realised I had forgotten to pick up anything for tea on my way. And then I opened the kitchen cupboards and thought “oh yes, I already have food. Because I live here”. I can’t actually remember what I ate on Saturday, but on Sunday I had toast twice, with potato waffles, baked beans, sausages and frozen peas for dinner. Not a very exciting diet but it was simple and didn’t require any shopping.

Today, I have got myself a bit more sorted. I popped into the supermarket and stocked up on a store cupboard ingredients, some for me and some for the foodbank. Dinner was a version of Poppy’s Macaroni Peas, itself drawn from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s recipes and made vegan. I halved the quantities of everything except the garlic, which may have been a mistake as the pea puree wasn’t quite as liquid as I would have liked (although that could be due to the ineptitude of my blender instead…), so I have a second portion in the fridge for later in the week.

The rest of the week hasn’t been fully planned out, because my meals will depend on what I buy at the community market tomorrow. Since my veg box doesn’t arrive until Friday morning, I will be aiming to make things out of the tinned or frozen vegetables I have in: spicy chickpeas on rice, perhaps, or some form of curry. Hopefully I will be inspired by what’s available!

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