A vegetable-cooking whirlwind of an evening

After the excitement of the goodies I picked up at the market and community shop, I was even more keen to get to the cooking class yesterday evening. Initially I’d been a little concerned that we might spend the evening going over the absolute basics – how to roast a potato, how to saute a carrot, how to steam a sprout – but I am very glad that I was being overly pessimistic. I had never tried any of the recipesbefore, and although I was keener on some than others, I’ll certainly be using a few of them again.


Over the course of two hours we flew through six different dishes, of which two jumped out as favourites for me: a pea, spring onion and basil mixture which was almost impossibly simple and extremely delicious, and a method of cooking carrots which retained their sweetness. I’ve never really liked carrots, but this method worked for me: cooked in butter with the lid on the pan, and then tossed with a mixture of spices and a little honey. Not an everyday cooking method, admittedly, but it was delicious.

At the end of the class we were given tubs to take away our helping of burnt aubergine salad, which I have paired with the leftover macaroni peas for a hearty vegetable-based lunch (pictured above). This evening I’ll be trying something new with chickpeas – possibly a risotto, using what I have on hand – so stay tuned for a report!

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