I AM going on the Vegan Venture course after all!

I was so excited when I answered my phone this afternoon (it’s lucky I even noticed it was ringing, it’s normally on silent and out of sight) and the friendly woman on the other end of the call said “we have a space on the Vegan Venture course after all, would you like it?”. There was a waiting list of NINE but by some amazing chance I was the one who was available 🙂

It is seriously exciting, because she told me a little more about the course and the arrangements. I will get the train there tomorrow, they put us up in a hotel overnight in shared rooms so I’ll get to know my room mate a little bit, and then we all have breakfast together on Saturday before the course starts. We’ll cover knife skills, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for ages but haven’t been able to find a class for, and lots of healthy, cheap, fast meals. It’s mainly aimed at students, which is ideal for me because even though my cooking has improved a huge amount since I started this blog (has it really been three years? Madness!), I am still not very confident and mostly just follow recipes and use prepared mixes or processed ingredients.

It feels as though all the details have fallen perfectly into place. My train is late enough tomorrow that the bookcase and vegetable box which I’ve ordered should both have arrived before I leave, and I’ll be back on Saturday night in plenty of time for my mum and stepdad visiting on Sunday. I’ve got no plans or commitments for the next two days other than unpacking my room and tidying up a bit – and cooking is much more exciting than that!

Of course I will tell you all about it when I get back, and hopefully I’ll remember to take some photos of what we make. Looks like this has turned out to be the summer of vegan cooking after all!

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