Fresh-from-the-garden Tomato Soup


Yesterday my mum came to visit! I now live close enough to her that she can get the train here for the day, which is lovely (it also means I’m a train journey away from snuggles with my cats). She arrived with a big bag of vegetables from the garden. Initially we had planned to make a curry for lunch, but we went for a walk round my neighbourhood and ended up having lunch in a little cafe that had not one but two vegan options! I was excited.

I’ll be making the curry for dinner tonight, based on the recipe I discovered during National Vegetarian Week, but right now I have a big pot of almost-finished tomato soup simmering on the stove. It smells fantastic. I have to admit that it is not 100% vegan: I’m about four teaspoons away from finishing up my non-vegan Bouillon powder, at which point I’ll purchase the more expensive (sigh, why is that always the case) purple tub, but this soup has a small amount of unnecessary lactose in it. Otherwise, totally vegan! An onion, a carrot and four small potatoes fried in vegan spread, then 2lb of peeled tomatoes simmered in 900ml of vegetable stock for about 25 minutes. Peeling tomatoes is a bit fiddly, although soaking them in boiling water made it significantly easier than I’d have expected.

Another thing my mum brought with her was my new kitchen scale, which we bought while we were on holiday a few weeks ago. It’s more accurate than the Sainsbury’s basics one I bought four years ago, and the pan of the old scale had cracked in three places and was threatening to snap entirely. It looks very classy sitting on my countertop with its rounded black base and clear bowl.

Time to blend the soup and dish out a bowl for my very late lunch! It’s delicious and smooth with a sweetness from the carrot.

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