Delicious Vegan Cinnamon Pancakes

For the last week or so I have been eating the oddest things for breakfast: left-over risotto, salad, apricots, whatever I happened to have. I have been intending to make granola and I still am, but I haven’t got round to it. Some days the idea of “whatever I can find” has been so unappealling that I’ve written off breakfast entirely and just eaten lunch – for some reason that is psychologically more comfortable.


The last pancake, with agave syrup

So today, I decided I needed to get my act together and experiment with vegan breakfast foods. I’m a big fan of pancakes and they’re not all that hard to make, but the recipe that I’ve always used before contains eggs and milk, neither of which are on the table any more. I had a search and found this recipe from Mongolian Kitchen, a site I hadn’t come across before but will be exploring some more.

I’ve never actually put cinnamon into pancake batter before, although I have sprinkled it on plain pancakes before. The addition is delicious, although I wasn’t sure whether it might have been the reason that the cooked pancakes ended up a little stiffer than usual (it’s more probable, however, that it was the gluten-free flour’s fault). I ate most of the pancakes with lemon and sugar. Fresh lemon juice, squeezed straight from the lemon I had in my fruit bowl! A little bit of a luxury considering that I had bottled lemon juice in the fridge, but I can’t think of any other uses for the lemon – suggestions on a postcard please!

I will experiment with the recipe a little, to see if I can make the pancakes less stiff and possibly replace the sugar with agave syrup. I’m also going to try a savoury variant, as I loved the savoury pancakes with mushroom sauce which my mum made when I was a child. When I was living in college I had a jar of pancake mixture made up, which I think I’ll do again for a bit of variation at breakfast.

Next week I start university! This is the first time in years that I’ve needed to take a packed lunch with me, since the law faculty was only a two minute walk from my room and I always went home for lunch. I’ve been scoping out Thermos flasks and am currently deciding between the cute 290ml containers or the larger 500ml ones, which are less pretty but might be a better size. Then I’ll need an insulated bag. I’m resisting the temptation to buy another lunchbox, since I already have several of various sizes. I’m rather looking forward to packing lunches!

2 thoughts on “Delicious Vegan Cinnamon Pancakes

  1. Yeah, I’d say your pancakes turned out less fluffy due to the gluten-free flour. Are you required to eat gluten-free?
    To use up the lemon, perhaps you could try adding the lemon peel (grated) to the pancake batter instead of the cinnamon? And then top them with any remaining juice and sugar.
    Looking forward to seeing your lunch ideas as I’ll also be eating packed lunches a couple of days a week.

    • There’s no reason for me to eat gluten free, but the plain flour I have is gluten free. I’m not sure why, I think it was the only bag that was being sold in the shop (I have since discovered that this is because regular flour is sold by the scoop but it has a weird name and I didn’t realise!).

      Mmmm, lemon peel pancakes is a brilliant idea.

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