Spontaneous Advance Cooking Bonanza

Until next month, I have Fridays off from uni as a study day. Wednesdays are a study day as well, and I have been going into the university library on Wednesdays but because I am now working some Saturday mornings in the local shop and getting up either for church or running on Sundays, I’ve given myself Fridays as a home study day. Or a home cooking day…

Today, I was expecting my regular delivery of fruit and veg but it doesn’t seem to have arrived. I suspect that my request to increase my order to weekly might have slipped through the net, which may be a good thing – I’d used almost none of the vegetables from last week and not a great deal of the fruit. Mostly, this is because I’ve been staying in the library too late and then rushing home and cooking pasta and some kind of quick topping for dinner.

As usual I’m tackling the issue by doing some bulk advance cooking. As I type, I have a root vegetable stew in the slow cooker (Savoy cabbage, swede, potato and carrot), a vegetable curry on the stove and some chickpeas soaking ready to become an aubergine and chickpea stew tomorrow.

Also on the list for last this week is pearl barley risotto (a recipe from my pulses cooking class), refried beans and garlicky greens. The last two are fairly quick but need something else to go with them – I’ll pick up some tortillas and guacamole and finally have a chance to try my green chilli sauce, and the garlicky greens will be cooked into a creamy tofu sauce to make my quick pasta dishes more interesting.

The Thermos flask has been working out well; I’ve taken soup with me most days and although the portions never quite fill the flask, it’s always still hot enough at lunchtime. I haven’t tried taking anything other than soup yet, although I will probably start taking leftovers next week.

I’ll post up the results of the new recipes once things are ready! The best thing about everything I’m cooking this weekend is that other than the tortillas, all the ingredients were already in the cupboards. The internet is a magical place for recipe inspiration.

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