A new recipe for an old favourite

I adore chickpeas. I eat them in curry, in risotto, in hummus, sometimes even in pasta. A couple of years ago I discovered a recipe for spiced tomato chickpeas, which are delicious but not quite adequate as a meal on their own. This week I stumbled across a website called Cooking for Vegans. I was actually looking for advice on making white sauce, but I couldn’t resist the link labelled 10-minute meals.  And once I was on the page, of course I couldn’t resist the sound of spicy couscous, tomato and chickpea stew.


It’s simple to make and tastes great! It’s also more filling than I had anticipated; I quickly ate a portion of it for dinner and took the rest with me to university for lunch the next day (it didn’t stay as hot as soup does in my Thermos, but was still warm).

Next up from that website will be the spicy spinach and chickpeas with rice – it’s possible there’s a theme developing here – although I don’t use boil-in-the-bag rice which will probably make it less quick-cook.

I can’t remember exactly where, but a while ago I read something which rang very true, even though I hadn’t realised it before. It said that vegan meals tend to be self-contained; not Something with Sides but just food all mixed together. It certainly applies to most of what I eat these days, which makes life a lot simpler! It makes sense really; when you aren’t eating meat or meat-replacement, there’s no obvious central feature and vegetables aren’t sidelined to a supporting role. This meal is definitely a good example of the concept.

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