Rice Lentil Polou


Over on my other blog I wrote about how my new approach to getting boring jobs done was making me more productive in other areas too. A few evenings ago I had zipped through my daily jobs and was in the mood to carry on doing useful things, so I pulled out a stack of recipe books and sat down to figure out what I could cook using the ingredients in my cupboard and fridge.

The recipe books in question were my favourites: Another Dinner is Possible which I got from the Vegan Society last summer after the Vegan Venture course, Laurel’s Kitchen which I bought second-hand after flicking through it at both my parents’ houses, Jack Monroe’s first cookbook, and Vegan, a little book of 100 recipes that my friend from the running club gave me. From those four as well as one of my favourite vegan websites, Bunny Kitchen, I made a list of eight meals I could cook almost entirely from what was in the kitchen already, with a few additional fresh ingredients.

Today I tackled one I had been a bit dubious about, from Laurel’s Kitchen: rice lentil polou. I was dubious because frankly I would never have thought of combining lentils, rice, raisins and vegetable stock but I suspended my disbelief mostly because it was the only recipe I had all the ingredients for, and made it with a couple of variations (ras el hanout instead of cinnamon, the vegetable stock the book listed rather than the chicken broth on the website, and no pine nuts). For the last five minutes I put some vegan mozzarella on top which melted beautifully.

It was delicious! Absolutely spectacular in fact: sweet, filling, a delicate blend of flavours, in fact so good that even though it claimed to serve four to six, I ate half for lunch with some petit pois. My scepticism about the seventies-ness of Laurel’s Kitchen is entirely gone and I’m looking forward to trying another recipe!


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